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Our Mission
                            Provide athletes of all calibers with high quality and efficient sports medicine care without burdening local municipalities.

Performance Medical Corp. brings over 35 years of sports medicine experience with large and highly visible sporting events to the role of Medical Coordinator for your event.  Our experience with large (18,000+ athletes) and high visibility events demonstrates that Performance Medical Corp. is North America's premier provider of medical care to demanding event organizers.

Our team of licensed health care professionals has extensive background in coordinating medical care with emergency services, fire, and law enforcement throughout North America.  We specialize in providing timely and high quality medical care to all participants and spectators without overtaxing community resources.

Our expertise begins where most organizers' ends, medical care.  We understand athletes' desire to have efficient qualified care on-course and balance this with organizers' desire for knowledgeable Medical Coordination that remains cost-effective.

No matter the venue, number of participants, or community involvement level, Performance Medical Corp. will help you deliver a safe and enjoyable event.

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